I Recently Discovered a New Dream

I was chatting with my good friend Raura on the phone the other day, and I said that we should go on a road trip across Canada visiting as many yarn stores as we could.  And now I REALLY want to do it.  It’s going to take a lot of time, money and planning but maybe it’s a goal for when I’m finished yarn school (which I hope will be by July 2013…).

In the interim, please leave a comment about your favourite Canadian yarn store or mill so I can add it to my list of possibilities!

I already have two I know I want to visit; I want to see Lettuce Knit in Toronto, and I want to go back to Ariadne in Montreal because I loved the space so much (and the owners were really nice too).

ETA: Hey, is there a publishing group out there who would want to sign me and Raura for a book deal?

I’m only slightly kidding.


Feeling a Wee Bit Nostalgic

I mentioned this last month when I got back from visiting my brother in Montreal, but I was talking about it again last night, and I just need to say, I love Ariadne Knits.  I enjoy the shops in my town, they offer a lot of great yarns and the service is great, but walking into Ariadne Knits was like walking into a long-lost (though never before met) friend’s house and feeling so welcome!  There wasn’t any pressure for me to buy anything (though I most certainly did and I’ll update this post later with the photos of the stuff I bought scroll down, the fibres are at the bottom), I was just welcome to come in and sit and knit and chat.  So lovely.

And I will always remember the kindness of Molly Ann letting me spin on her sweet little wheel.  I love this little wheel (the translation for the little painted tattoo is “Let the Good Times Roll”).  It’s so cute and though it’s only got one ratio, it was a joy for me to spin on.

So if you’re ever in Montreal, please go visit Ariadne Knits on 3837 Rue St. Jacques Ouest and tell them I say Hi.