I Recently Discovered a New Dream

I was chatting with my good friend Raura on the phone the other day, and I said that we should go on a road trip across Canada visiting as many yarn stores as we could.  And now I REALLY want to do it.  It’s going to take a lot of time, money and planning but maybe it’s a goal for when I’m finished yarn school (which I hope will be by July 2013…).

In the interim, please leave a comment about your favourite Canadian yarn store or mill so I can add it to my list of possibilities!

I already have two I know I want to visit; I want to see Lettuce Knit in Toronto, and I want to go back to Ariadne in Montreal because I loved the space so much (and the owners were really nice too).

ETA: Hey, is there a publishing group out there who would want to sign me and Raura for a book deal?

I’m only slightly kidding.


Oh, Hi!

It’s been awhile again.  I’ve been busy and distracted.

Exciting to me news is I am trying to wear contact lenses.  I have been wearing glasses for 18 years and always thought my eyes would be too sensitive for contacts.  I do feel them (it’s my first full day wearing them; I tried my first pair Friday night at work), but I think I can handle it; we’ll see how the day goes and I’ll bring my glasses just in case.  I don’t think they’ll become an every day occurrence because I like my glasses and my sunglasses are prescription, but it’s a fun change and I really like having peripheral vision when shoulder-checking.

Also, last week it snowed (it’s pretty much cleared off now though), and I made some snow people while I was at my parents’ farm.

Mid October Snowman

Mid October Benched Snow Girl

Music Glut

I took a mini-vacation and attended the Edmonton Folk Festival from Wednesday night to last night and it was fantastic!  My highlights were Hanggai (Mongolian music from China), Alex Cuba (he said there is a rich culture of pick-up lines in Cuba, and one of his songs was titled, “Baby, if You Were a Cook I’d Eat Everything Off my Plate”), Pine Leaf Boys, Jill Barber (I still love her music, now I love her fashion sense), and The Idan Raichel Project (sorry, it’s a MySpace page).

Of course, I knitted while I was there:

Herringbone ScarfFolk Fest Herringbone

Herringbone Scarf and Bela FleckBela Fleck and a Herringbone Scarf

Kai-Mei by Cookie A. (dirty toes courtesy of dancing barefoot to wicked tunes of The Idan Raichel Project) Folk Fest Kai-Mei

Dyeing; In the Dark and On the Road

My friend Raura came out to my parents farm on July 28th and we dyed some yarns, finishing up at about midnight (much to the entertainment of my dad).  And in the morning I worried that the skeins hadn’t exhausted their dyes so we placed the baggies under the back window of my car and drove to Banff and back with them cooking under the window (sadly, we forgot to take a picture of them in the rear window).

dyeing in the darkDyeing in the dark 2Dyeing in the Dark 3Dyed in the Dark Road Trip YarnsDyed in the Dark Fine Shetland RovingDyed in the Dark Merino Roving

I’m Home

I’ll do some photos at a later date though; it’s 10:15 p.m. where I was and 8:15 p.m. where I am, and my hips are sore from sitting on the plane for 4.5 hours.

I just wanted to say I’m home, I had a great time, I was introduced to my new favourite yarn store and I’m sad it’s on the other side of the country, and Firefly and I discovered a new band.  You have to, especially if you like ’80s tunes and “Gypsy Jazz”, check out The Lost Fingers.

That’s all for now.  I’m going to go sprawl on my couch for awhile before bed.

Funniest Tour Ever!

Have you ever watched the film So I Married an Axe Murderer?  There’s a scene where Mike Meyers and his buddy go to Alcatraz for a tour, and their guide, played by the late Phil Hartman, gives the tour in an exceptionally dry but painfully hilarious way?  That’s the kind of tour guide my brother, his friend C and I had yesterday when we went to the Ben & Jerry’s plant for a tour.  He was really rather dead-pan, but we kept laughing so hard.  Best quotes:

“There’s a guy who works down there named Christian.  He’s got tattoos.  We’re friends on Facebook.”

“Tonight there will be a free movie on the patio.  It’s Ferris Beuler’s Day off.  I’ll be there.  You can be there, or don’t be, I don’t care.”

Awesome.  More awesomeness?  I had my first taste of Fish Food; they don’t sell it in any of the shops I go to in Canada…though maybe they would at the standalone shops.  I came, I saw, and I DO have the T-shirt to prove it (I’m such a geek).

Other highlights of the day included a nifty McDonalds in Malone and a tasty meal at Tail O’the Pup in Saranac, New York, ferry ride across Lake Champlain between New York and Vermont (though I didn’t see Charles, their alleged lake monster).  We drove through Lake Placid, but didn’t stop.  It looked like an interesting little town, and had a nifty shopping district but we were so full of meat that we were kind of ambivalent at this point.  

If you’re ever in Quebec with the ability to drive down into the States and you like scenery involving hills, mountains, and lush vegetation, I totally recommend going into New York and Vermont through Lake Placid and Burlington.  And don’t forget to stop and taste the ice cream along the way!

Montreal So Far

I hung out with Knit and Purl Mama much of the day Thursday and she proved to be a very kind and generous hostess (from whom I purchased the yarn below), and it was lovely hanging out with her knitters.  Trev’s friend thought I was brave to meet complete strangers I met over the internet, but we knitters are an unusual lot…besides, we all have a common thread in yarn (have I ever mentioned that I love puns?). 

While my lovely hostess ran errands, I also visited the Old Port where I returned to my favourite gallery (it’s like this place was made for me…too bad I can’t afford the artwork), ate at a really nifty restaurant where I had the Saddle of Rabbit Crepe and the apple and maple crepe with cheese which was really quite tasty, and I visited La Cour where I bought this fantastic bracelet. 

Friday I visited Main Madness; they shut down a sizable chunk of St. Laurent and have a large sidewalk sale/party.  I bought very little, and I can’t show what I bought right now.  But it was a warm wander; I was wearing inappropriate clothes for such warm temperatures.  I’m hoping that my shopping ambivalence will disappear next week…Here are some mural shots, my favourite parts of visiting Montreal.

And this wee bit of green, trying to make it big in the world.

Vacations are Fun!

The Niagara Falls are lovely and fascinating, but the amount of crowds that you have to slog through was enough…didn’t go on the Maid of the Mists, nor the Journey Behind the Falls (my feet were too sore, and the way the evening panned out was far better than getting soaked anyway).  I don’t like people at the best of times, slogging through tourists is enough to make someone like me (with agoraphobic tendencies) want to go postal. 

But I got to go through the Butterfly Conservatory and wandered the Botanical Gardens through various times of the day, and went on a crazy hike down to the whirlpool (and being right next to it is far cooler than looking down on it from a tram!).  And I got to meet some pretty cool people while reconnecting with one of my favouritest people going so my brief stint in Niagara Falls was so great.  I’ll share some photos later.

I’m in Montreal now, visiting my brother.  There are plans in the works of meeting up with fellow blogger, and I’m going to have to find time to get to some fabric wholesalers while I’m here, as well as a few museums.  But today, all I did was veg-out.  I did get out onto the street and enjoyed a salmon bagel from a gelato shop, and then my brother and one of his friends and I headed to a sushi place and topped the evening off with Starbucks.  Life is pretty good on vacay.

Hope you’re all enjoying life!