Spoiled Rotten

I haven’t been posting in awhile.  I seem to have lost that mojo, and I don’t promise that I’ve got a return on the way, but at least I’m right here, right now.

It was my Jesus birthday on Monday (they say that he lived to 33 so your 33rd birthday is your Jesus birthday), and my parents, brother, godmother and grandmother spoiled me ridiculously with a Nikon D90 which I have named Fitz.

Here are a couple of shots taken with Fitz.

Mojo.  Pattern by Donyale Grant.  It’s an instant heart.  The yarn is a naturally coloured marled  “Alpaca Blend Sock Yarn” by Alpaca Plus that I overdyed.

Tangerine sprout.  I was sceptical that it would work, but the tangerine it came from had a ridiculous amount of seeds so I decided to try planting one anyway.  Over a month later, I got sprout!

And, if you’re interested, I’m currently addicted to two bands: Taken by Trees and Florence + the Machine.


Snow Sheep

I looked out my office window yesterday evening and spotted a couple of the sheep pawing through the snow looking for snacky-snacks.

And this morning I looked out my window and saw a coyote sniffing around but I was on the phone and couldn’t have gotten a picture with my point and shoot camera anyway as it was too far away.

Feeling a Wee Bit Nostalgic

I mentioned this last month when I got back from visiting my brother in Montreal, but I was talking about it again last night, and I just need to say, I love Ariadne Knits.  I enjoy the shops in my town, they offer a lot of great yarns and the service is great, but walking into Ariadne Knits was like walking into a long-lost (though never before met) friend’s house and feeling so welcome!  There wasn’t any pressure for me to buy anything (though I most certainly did and I’ll update this post later with the photos of the stuff I bought scroll down, the fibres are at the bottom), I was just welcome to come in and sit and knit and chat.  So lovely.

And I will always remember the kindness of Molly Ann letting me spin on her sweet little wheel.  I love this little wheel (the translation for the little painted tattoo is “Let the Good Times Roll”).  It’s so cute and though it’s only got one ratio, it was a joy for me to spin on.

So if you’re ever in Montreal, please go visit Ariadne Knits on 3837 Rue St. Jacques Ouest and tell them I say Hi.

Kinda Random

I don’t post more than once a week, and now three days in a row.

I’m still sick; my left sinus and ear have been causing me pain, and now my ears feel like someone is squishing them just enough that it doesn’t hurt but it isn’t really comfortable either.  I’m in my comfy pants and I’m going to finish watching X-Files season 8 while working on (and hopefully finishing) my first Aquaphobia sock which is going really quickly and is so great.

This is my friends’ dog Jack.  I just love this photo; I didn’t even have to do any touch-ups on it as my friends’ house has such great natural lighting in the afternoon.  Jack didn’t like my camera very much; I had it on silent mode, and the clickings and whirrings it made drove Jack crazy so getting a pic of him was tough but well worth it.

I’m going to attempt to sign up for my third and final swap of the year.  Back Tack 4 is going up; sign ups start on the 30th.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to head out the the Make it Craft Fair.  It looks great and I have a coupon for $1 off the ticket!

And I spent money yesterday; it isn’t difficult for me to justify books and I know this one has to be in my collection (it should have been long ago).  After shipping, it came to $48.  It’s out of print and I had seen copies for $74, so it’s actually a small price to pay for a book that promises a lot of knowledge and a plethura of classic knitting patterns.  Yay Elizabeth Zimmermann!

I also bought the new Mother Mother album this week.  I don’t seem to have the same love for this one that I had for Touch Up.  Touch Up created in me an immediate connection and obsession.  This one…well, as Grant Lawrence of CBC Radio 3 put it, has a more mature sound.  And I liked the immaturity I guess.  I’m sure, given time, I will come to love this album, but I’m not sure that I will ever feel the joy I felt with the first album with this one.  Still good though; I will always love Mother Mother.

In Awe of my Accidental Brilliance

I forgot the disc of my photos from my trip at the office, so I was going to show my latest knitting, but I looked at the shots I took while fishing with my dad on Friday (I chose to continue my vacation by heading out to see the ‘rents rather than holing up in my apartment like I had originally planned) and was stunned by this photo.  The only touch-ups are the size to make it work in the blog and adding my blog-name.  This is definitely a photo I’m going to have to print.

Funniest Tour Ever!

Have you ever watched the film So I Married an Axe Murderer?  There’s a scene where Mike Meyers and his buddy go to Alcatraz for a tour, and their guide, played by the late Phil Hartman, gives the tour in an exceptionally dry but painfully hilarious way?  That’s the kind of tour guide my brother, his friend C and I had yesterday when we went to the Ben & Jerry’s plant for a tour.  He was really rather dead-pan, but we kept laughing so hard.  Best quotes:

“There’s a guy who works down there named Christian.  He’s got tattoos.  We’re friends on Facebook.”

“Tonight there will be a free movie on the patio.  It’s Ferris Beuler’s Day off.  I’ll be there.  You can be there, or don’t be, I don’t care.”

Awesome.  More awesomeness?  I had my first taste of Fish Food; they don’t sell it in any of the shops I go to in Canada…though maybe they would at the standalone shops.  I came, I saw, and I DO have the T-shirt to prove it (I’m such a geek).

Other highlights of the day included a nifty McDonalds in Malone and a tasty meal at Tail O’the Pup in Saranac, New York, ferry ride across Lake Champlain between New York and Vermont (though I didn’t see Charles, their alleged lake monster).  We drove through Lake Placid, but didn’t stop.  It looked like an interesting little town, and had a nifty shopping district but we were so full of meat that we were kind of ambivalent at this point.  

If you’re ever in Quebec with the ability to drive down into the States and you like scenery involving hills, mountains, and lush vegetation, I totally recommend going into New York and Vermont through Lake Placid and Burlington.  And don’t forget to stop and taste the ice cream along the way!

Montreal So Far

I hung out with Knit and Purl Mama much of the day Thursday and she proved to be a very kind and generous hostess (from whom I purchased the yarn below), and it was lovely hanging out with her knitters.  Trev’s friend thought I was brave to meet complete strangers I met over the internet, but we knitters are an unusual lot…besides, we all have a common thread in yarn (have I ever mentioned that I love puns?). 

While my lovely hostess ran errands, I also visited the Old Port where I returned to my favourite gallery (it’s like this place was made for me…too bad I can’t afford the artwork), ate at a really nifty restaurant where I had the Saddle of Rabbit Crepe and the apple and maple crepe with cheese which was really quite tasty, and I visited La Cour where I bought this fantastic bracelet. 

Friday I visited Main Madness; they shut down a sizable chunk of St. Laurent and have a large sidewalk sale/party.  I bought very little, and I can’t show what I bought right now.  But it was a warm wander; I was wearing inappropriate clothes for such warm temperatures.  I’m hoping that my shopping ambivalence will disappear next week…Here are some mural shots, my favourite parts of visiting Montreal.

And this wee bit of green, trying to make it big in the world.