In Regards to the Repetitive Stress

Still can’t knit (though I did for about 45 minutes last night and it HURT but it was necessary for something exceptionally cool that I can’t discuss until late tomorrow night…or Tuesday sometime), and the hand-work is getting tougher too.  So I’m being proactive; I can’t get to my chiropractor until the 24th but in the interim I’m going to go get a theraputic massage tomorrow.  It’s right above the yarn store I used to work at which is exceptionally handy (especially since the yarn store is closed on Mondays and I won’t be tempted).

In other news, tonight I’m making the buns that my grandmother is notorious for.  However I didn’t get home until 6-ish so I have to sit up until 1 am or so because you have to kneed it every three hours twice, then make golfball sized balls out of the dough and place them on cookie sheets and let those babies rise over night.  I’ll be making buns while I sleep, y’all!  The kneeding may or may not help work the shoulder muscles.