I Win!

I won a Naiad pattern from the Beebonnet Report!


We Have a Winner!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their comments for “You In?”  It gives me warm fuzzies knowing how many of my friends are as concerned about the environment as me (I wasn’t only changing lightbulbs by the way).

Anyway, I’m a bit old-school, no random number generators, just a piece of paper that had nothing on the back, which I tore into bits and named, tossed into a glass, shook for a bit, tossed the slips on the counter and picked up the first piece I could find without looking, and Voila:

Drumroll please.

Sulicat!  I’ll be e-mailing later tonight (I have to get to work, but I knew the suspense would be killing y’all) to get your stats.

Thanks again to everyone, I’m glad to see you care for green.

Don’t forget to turn out your lights at 8:00 Saturday night!