I’m Not a Tailor

I’m kind of enjoying building this jacket…although…I’m not a tailor, and I definitely will need some bustle therapy after this.


Full view of the inside of the jacket.


Close up of the lapel and all of the pad stitching I had to do on it.  I’m still doing some hand stitching on this, and it’s only the first one…Jackets could be an okay thing but I don’t need a book to tell me how to build a dress…

However, it’s not all about work.  There’s more knitting.


A Dreamswatch Head Wrap (but it’s going to be a scarf for me…I don’t do the head wrap) by Knit and Tonic.  Out of the same yarn and colourway used in the original, which is funny because I forgot what the recommended yarn was when I decided to knit this project with this yarn.  Teehee.

And it’s not all about knitting either…


I made a “Syd” from Stupid Sock Creatures for my friend M who is leaving for Ontario/Quebec within a week.  Ya…maybe I got too much going on…But the pumpkins are Lil Rose Thorn‘s creations, so I’m not the only one.