I’m sick. So I’m consoling myself with a post about a song I’m addicted to. I heard it through some video of this double-jointed lanky breakdancer (great video!). Anyway, I’ve heard some of the other songs by this band but I don’t really dig on any of them except this one. You can watch AWOLNATION’s entertaining (mildly wank) version below, or scroll past it to watch the fascinating breakdancing version.

Oh! I found the breakdancer video!

Break ton Neck from Alex Yde on Vimeo.


30 Day Music Challenge Day 14

A Song No One Would Expect You to Love

I don’t really drink alcohol (just at Christmas or if I’ve got a tummy virus), and I know I’ve never done any drugs stronger than a Tylenol 3 (back when I had my wisdom teeth surgically removed).  Even so, I love I Don’t Like the Drugs but the Drugs Like Me by Marilyn Manson (but I do not like the video).  I like the beat and the backup vocals.

30 Day Music Challenge Day 13

A Song that is a Guilty Pleasure

I dated this fella for about five months.  He was what my brother would call a “hairbag.”  He was skinny, he had this gritty voice, and he was a bassist in a band.  The dude was a very nice kisser.

I didn’t much like his band.  I liked 90s hairbands, but his band featured an annoying lead vocalist who loved playing with his voice box (this link is probably not to the style he used, but it gets the point across) and it was all screamy, and though I knew there were lyrics in there, I could never hear them.

Regardless, the fella introduced me to Ween.  I still have a softspot for them, especially for the song Mutilated Lips.  It’s weird but I find it delicious.

30 Day Music Challenge Day 12

A song from a band you hate.

I’ll admit, I liked Nickelback’s first album.  I dug on the hair bands.  But after they said their success was from giving the fans what they liked instead of changing their sound after one album the way Seven Mary Three Did, I lost interest.  And then I was introduced to the CBC Radio 3 podcasts.  I have moved on from this groddy band who keep putting out the same old crap and seem to have a serious hate-on for women.

So here’s a song, if you can stomach it.  Guehh.

30 Day Music Challenge days 10 & 11

I didn’t get to this yesterday, so I’m combining the two.  Yesterday’s was A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep – after last night, I’ve come to realise that I can’t fall asleep with music playing any more.  I surface sleep and it makes me frown and think I should turn it off until I get frustrated enough to actually roll over and turn it off.

Today is A Song From Your Favourite Band.

I couldn’t find a non-live YouTube link, so I’ll send you directly to Mother Mother’s music page.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Stream tracks from Touch Up.”  The song I’d like you to listen to is “Train of Thought.”  It’s the first song I had heard by Mother Mother; it had been featured on CBC Radio 3’s podcast (which, if you don’t listen to, you really should, it features really great Canadian music) and the harmonies and clever guitar playing made it something I had to find immediately.

Two albums after that first, Mother Mother continue to make great music with unusual harmonies, impressive guitar- and drum-play, and hilarious lyrics.

30 Day Music Challenge Day 8

A Song You know the Lyrics To

I memorize songs and can sing along with them, but I couldn’t recite the lyrics without the singer for my life right now.  So I decided to think of a song that I can still sing along to, even though I listened to it years ago.  I chose “Kiss that Frog” by Peter Gabriel, and it’s the Secret World Live Tour because that’s the CD set that I have – I got those CDs because a college buddy introduced them to me.  Because of that, in the question of Phil Collins or Peter Gabriel?  Peter Gabriel all the way, baby!

30 Day Music Challenge Day 7

A Song that Reminds You of a Certain Event

The Sesame Street theme song…

I don’t remember what year it was as my brain doesn’t work that way (sadly, in my brain, the past is the past and it’s all blurred together, baby) but one year my friends and I got tickets to go to one of the nights of Folk Festival.  I knitted from the car down to the hill and everyone was impressed.  We ended up running into some other friends who were generous enough to share their tarps with us.  When Michael Franti came on, I was quite impressed with his infectious persona.  When he sang the Sesame Street theme, I was in love.  Everyone on the hill danced, but I think our tarp may have been dancing the hardest.  That was a great night.

Here’s a link to Michael Franti singing Sesame Street‘s theme.  It’s not from our night, but it’s still fun to hear him do it again.

30 Day Music Challenge Day 6

A Song that Reminds You of Somewhere

The last time I visited my brother in Montreal I spent a little time alone in a French book store.  My French skills, or lack thereof, are appalling, so I was looking for the English section, and admiring the gifts.  Over the speakers I heard this very lovely and entertaining cover version of Technotronic’s Pump up the Jam.

As my French is less than stellar, and I’m painfully shy, I couldn’t ask anyone to find out who I was listening to so I quietly walked out with a smile in my heart that I at least got to hear this little gem.

A friend drove up from New York to come visit me while I was in Montreal, and we were visiting in a little cafe in the Old Port when the music came on.  I told her about how I had heard the music before but couldn’t ask anyone about it.  She had been an “au pair” (nanny) in Paris, so her French skills are stellar, and she found out that it the cover was by The Lost Fingers.  I love The Lost Fingers, and am glad that they remind me of a place, a time, and a friend.

30 Day Music Challenge Day 5

A Song that Reminds You of Someone

Ram Jam’s Black Betty reminds me of a couple of buddies.  I wasn’t there, but one of them danced very hard in the passenger seat of the other’s truck while a family watched in the car next to them.  I always think of that story and being a person with a vivid imagination, can totally picture that whole scenario.  It often makes me giggle.