Red Hot Swap Schwag

Red Hot Swap Schwag, originally uploaded by Adelable.

I took part in a swap on Ravelry (have I mentioned recently how much I love Ravelry?) and these items are what I received! That Zauberball yarn is the softest ever! And I can’t wait to get some time to start spinning that tussah silk in the opposite corner. Also, mittenettes are my favourite Autumn accessory.


Been Busy


Did some traveling for work last week; bought some lovely fabrics in Canmore (Lil Rose Thorn took the shot through the rear window) and some nursing uniforms to go with our Great War interpretation in Calgary.  Took a wee detour and checked out Make One Yarn Studio and met this lovely wheel; I decided it looked like a Sesame Street Honker.  It’s really cool because it works like a pendulum!  Sorry the photos are blurry, I didn’t want to use my flash.



I built some interpretive underwear out of linen.  I used a Buckaroo Bobbins pattern though I got the embroidery pattern elsewhere and likely won’t use the same pattern for the bloomers again because it’s a weird shape (although that’s not the reason one leg looks bigger than the other, that’s because the one leg has the mannequin’s stand through it).


And I got a little bit of mail.  I took part in the Favorite Things swap in Raverly and got half of an amazing package (part two is still coming) from CarpeDyem (most clever name ever!).  I’ll do a proper post of it later, but here’s a shot of some of what I got.


It’s Up! Go Sign Up!

Back Tack 4 is up if you want to swap, but only till October 4th or until 250 people have signed up.

This one’s really cool, and it’s not a secret swap; you get to chat up your pal all you want to get to know them well enough to send them three things (at least one of which has to be homemade).

Swap on Garth!  Swap on Wayne!

Kinda Random

I don’t post more than once a week, and now three days in a row.

I’m still sick; my left sinus and ear have been causing me pain, and now my ears feel like someone is squishing them just enough that it doesn’t hurt but it isn’t really comfortable either.  I’m in my comfy pants and I’m going to finish watching X-Files season 8 while working on (and hopefully finishing) my first Aquaphobia sock which is going really quickly and is so great.

This is my friends’ dog Jack.  I just love this photo; I didn’t even have to do any touch-ups on it as my friends’ house has such great natural lighting in the afternoon.  Jack didn’t like my camera very much; I had it on silent mode, and the clickings and whirrings it made drove Jack crazy so getting a pic of him was tough but well worth it.

I’m going to attempt to sign up for my third and final swap of the year.  Back Tack 4 is going up; sign ups start on the 30th.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to head out the the Make it Craft Fair.  It looks great and I have a coupon for $1 off the ticket!

And I spent money yesterday; it isn’t difficult for me to justify books and I know this one has to be in my collection (it should have been long ago).  After shipping, it came to $48.  It’s out of print and I had seen copies for $74, so it’s actually a small price to pay for a book that promises a lot of knowledge and a plethura of classic knitting patterns.  Yay Elizabeth Zimmermann!

I also bought the new Mother Mother album this week.  I don’t seem to have the same love for this one that I had for Touch Up.  Touch Up created in me an immediate connection and obsession.  This one…well, as Grant Lawrence of CBC Radio 3 put it, has a more mature sound.  And I liked the immaturity I guess.  I’m sure, given time, I will come to love this album, but I’m not sure that I will ever feel the joy I felt with the first album with this one.  Still good though; I will always love Mother Mother.

I’m Still Alive! Don’t Send Anyone Searching!

Ya, I suck; I’ve not been very busy, just distracted.  Or lazy.  You pick.

There have been a couple more arrivals in the Swap Softly area; just waiting on news for three more and we’re done (here’s hoping they’re not lost in the mail…).

I’ve signed up for a couple of swaps myself.  One is Firefly’s third installment of Boo-ty Swap (yay!) and the other is a swap through Ravelry called “Favourite Things” (that’s a Ravelry link).

And I’ve been knitting and fingerweaving:

February Lady Sweater using Cascade 220 and 5.0 mm needles:

Aquaphobia Socks using Liberty’s Yarn “A Tale of Two Socks” and 2.25 mm needles:

And the Fingerweaving using Briggs and Little (it’s a wee sample; I can tie it around my thigh):

Swap Softly Update

So, we never did put up the list of the participants for this latest version…that’s because many of you are repeaters, and a very few of you are new and it might be too easy to figure out who your partner is. So it’s extra mysterious this way.

Anyway, this is just to remind everyone that August 12th is the last day to mail off your gift. If you need an extension, please e-mail us at laceknitta @ gmail . com (again, remove the spaces), and we’ll let your partner know that there’s a hiccup but they’ll still be getting their item, or if you have your secret e-mail addy with which you’ve already been contacting them, please do that, but let us know too, just so we’re aware of the situation.