I have Two Mailmen

And therefore, two posts in one day, because I got two packages of exciting mail!

The letter-carrier dropped off some lovely dyed cotton roving (which will help curb the Level 3 Ennui) this morning.


The parcel guy dropped off my birthday present from my parents.  A large hackle and a Turkish drop spindle (I had a Turkish spindle previously that was really poorly balanced; this seems much better) from B.C. I will be trying this hackle out immediately!


Nothing helps blogging better than items for show and tell!


Look Mom, No Pattern!

Knowing my cousin’s son (who is almost half my age now, yeesh) is fond of Domo-Kun, I printed off a picture of him and knit him Christmas Day.

This is him on Boxing Day.


Knit with Cascade 220 and 4.5 mm needles, beads for eyes.

ETA: I didn’t develop a pattern for this, I just made it up as I went and I haven’t made another one since, sorry.