About Delly Bean


I’m a bit…scattered.  A friend’s mom visited my home and I apologized for the mess but she said, “It’s not messy, it’s just busy.”  That’s me, that’s my home, and in my little basement “penthouse” apartment I’ll probably be doing any or all of these things in my free time: knitting, spinning, silver smithing, beading, building puzzles or playing sudoku, reading, crocheting and tatting, taking pictures, watching movies, playing Xbox 360 games…oh yeah, and I’m an historic costumer by day.

This blog is just about what entertains me.


One thought on “About Delly Bean

  1. Hello Delly
    I did the same aeolian shawl , a little bigger but I didn’t do the beads over the shoulders , seeing yours I wish I would have. I had a little trouble interpreting the instructions but I think I did o.k. . I plan to show my shawl at fibre week, it would be great if the shawls could be shown together. Hugs Chuck

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