Presto Change-o

Two shafts of wheat…

Become dragonfly wings…

On my throat.


You In?

SPRING is my favourite season; it makes people and animals all crazy-like, and tomorrow is the first day of Spring in my neck of the woods. I’m dreadfully excited. The weather has been Spring-like for the last few days, my parents called last night and told me that they have 5 calves so far (two sets of twins and a single), and people are showing more skin than they have in recent memory. These are all good things, though I still think it’s a bit ridiculous to wear shorts and a thick jacket…

In honour of my favourite season, I’m holding a little challenge/contest. I challenge you, my readers, to leave a comment on this post by 10:30 P.M. Mountain Standard Time on Wednesday, March 26th, telling me one way that you’re going to make your world a little more green friendly (green for Spring, get it? Yay!). I of course won’t know if you follow through, but I’d like you to seriously consider it. And it can be something small so long as it’s something. I’m going to change the lightbulbs in my apartment to energy efficient ones and only have them on when I’m in the room.

And I encourage you to sign up for this challenge here. Turning your lights out for one hour isn’t that tough, and it would be neat to watch cities dim for an hour each as it crosses the globe.

Once you have left a comment letting me know what your green-goodness is going to be, I’ll enter your name in a draw to win this:


The sister of my original chickadee (with a friendlier eye). Go green!