365 Grateful

I read about these people taking a photo a day of something they are grateful for, so I thought, heck, I should do that.  I haven’t been doing a photo per day, but I have been taking as many I can, and thinking about the positive reasons for taking each photo.  You can see some of my photos in my flickr link on my sidebar.

Well, now the 365 Grateful people are trying a week of not complaining.  So I thought I would try it too.  Yesterday was my first day and I think I did pretty well.  And I felt so much better than usual.  I really am looking forward to this week and seeing if I am capable of more positivity.


Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 3 – One Great Knitter (and then some) | knitcroblo3

I have never been someone who could just choose one of anything.  My favourite colour is blue…no, red…is black a colour?…  I love Grey’s Anatomy, but Chuck is awesome, and I’m so excited for True Blood’s next season.

So choosing one important knitter is impossible to me.

Elizabeth Zimmermann must receive credit where credit is due; her brain is one I should dearly love to have been able to pick.  But I’m sure there are thousands of us extolling her virtues, as there should be.

The Baby Surprise Jacket I made for my godson.

Jared Flood should follow EZ since he is an EZ aficionado.  He has a very clean, crisp aesthetic and I love his love for texture in patterns and yarns.  But I mostly love him for his phenomenal photography; I aspire towards that.

The Turn a Square I made for my buddy Jay.

Ysolda Teague has this amazing ability to waiver between elegant, feminine patterns and delightfully cute ones; I have learned a lot from her (especially from her video on how to do a tubular ribbed cast-on), and the title for her collections of patterns, Whimsical Little Knits is ridiculously appropriate.

The Veyla and the Ishbel I haven’t told Ravelry about yet…

Cookie A is the designer whose patterns I have knit the most.  I am definitely a sock knitter and she’s the reason why.

The Kai-Mei socks I’ve already worn through.

Adrian Bizilia is the first knit blogger I read and her influence in my knitting and spinning has already been covered in the last two posts.

I can’t find the hat that I knit of an EZ pattern out of yarn I spun from wool I purchased from Hello Yarn.

Kristen Kapur is someone I regularly turn to for knitting goodness.

The Sikkim I made for my friend Raura.

Hansi Singh (Ravelry link, since her etsy shop is gone) is the designer who almost made my brain explode when I tried to knit her snail.  I never finished the body of the poor dude because the yarn I had for it was too big and the body ended up HUGE…one day I’ll finish it.

The aforementioned Garden Snail.

And finally, I have two friends who keep me inspired regulary, neither of whom have blogs that I’m aware of.  Raura and Hannbanann; both somehow find time to knit while going to school full time, and both create such beautiful things!

I Recently Discovered a New Dream

I was chatting with my good friend Raura on the phone the other day, and I said that we should go on a road trip across Canada visiting as many yarn stores as we could.  And now I REALLY want to do it.  It’s going to take a lot of time, money and planning but maybe it’s a goal for when I’m finished yarn school (which I hope will be by July 2013…).

In the interim, please leave a comment about your favourite Canadian yarn store or mill so I can add it to my list of possibilities!

I already have two I know I want to visit; I want to see Lettuce Knit in Toronto, and I want to go back to Ariadne in Montreal because I loved the space so much (and the owners were really nice too).

ETA: Hey, is there a publishing group out there who would want to sign me and Raura for a book deal?

I’m only slightly kidding.

2 Things

1. If you’re a local and you love CJSR, it’s their annual FunDrive.  If you’re not a local, you can stream it online and come to love it and maybe you’ll want to donate too!  My favourite show these days is English Breakfast on Thursday mornings.

I took this photo and saved it to flickr, hence no name on it.  But it’s mine; if you want a copy, be sure to site me for it.  Thanks.

2. It’s Jim Henson’s Birthday!  Happy birthday Jim!  He would have been 73 today.

Impending Music Purchase

I was listening to Friday’s CBC Radio 3 podcast yesterday and heard a fascinating little song pop on, to discover it was Jill Barber; her next album is coming out on October 14 and I must buy it when it does.  The song that caught my ear?  Oh My My and you can hear it on her website if you click on the ear/gramaphone.

I’m Still Alive! Don’t Send Anyone Searching!

Ya, I suck; I’ve not been very busy, just distracted.  Or lazy.  You pick.

There have been a couple more arrivals in the Swap Softly area; just waiting on news for three more and we’re done (here’s hoping they’re not lost in the mail…).

I’ve signed up for a couple of swaps myself.  One is Firefly’s third installment of Boo-ty Swap (yay!) and the other is a swap through Ravelry called “Favourite Things” (that’s a Ravelry link).

And I’ve been knitting and fingerweaving:

February Lady Sweater using Cascade 220 and 5.0 mm needles:

Aquaphobia Socks using Liberty’s Yarn “A Tale of Two Socks” and 2.25 mm needles:

And the Fingerweaving using Briggs and Little (it’s a wee sample; I can tie it around my thigh):

I’m Home

I’ll do some photos at a later date though; it’s 10:15 p.m. where I was and 8:15 p.m. where I am, and my hips are sore from sitting on the plane for 4.5 hours.

I just wanted to say I’m home, I had a great time, I was introduced to my new favourite yarn store and I’m sad it’s on the other side of the country, and Firefly and I discovered a new band.  You have to, especially if you like ’80s tunes and “Gypsy Jazz”, check out The Lost Fingers.

That’s all for now.  I’m going to go sprawl on my couch for awhile before bed.

Maybe a Little Frazzled

Having fundamentally recovered from my flu, I’m leaving for my multi-city international tour Thursday morning, but I’ve had so much going on lately that I haven’t got a lot prepared. I’m mostly good, but if I were a better organised person, I’m sure I’d be completely ready. But we love me because I’m scattered, right?

2 sleeps till vacay!

Today has been a day of awesome news! It’s one great friend‘s birthday, my brother got some fantastic news from one of the schools he’s wooing, a good buddy called to tell me that he got engaged to his long-time girlfriend and that I have to be available in January, and another friend is pregnant! I’m so happy for everyone!

If you’re in E-town during the Fringe, I highly recommend seeing this show, and not just because I was involved (costume consultation). Nope, you have to see it and then tell me how it was because I’m going to be on vacation while it’s on. 😦 Well, and it is awesome. The vocals in this show are astounding; I just saw the cast rehearse because it was the only way I was going to see it and all of the work they’ve put into it is just fantastic!

Did I mention that I have two sleeps till I go on vacation?

And very soon it will be one…

So…Yeah, eh?


My delightful friend Emily had been tagged with a couple of awards and gave one to me too. I like the “You Make My Day Award” best because smiles can mean so many different things whereas making one’s day is just that much warm-fuzzier in my world.

So here are some of the people who make my day, in, as Em put it, no particular order:

Dainty Kitty. We met through the first BackTack. We had to buy fabric and notions, send it to one person, then build something with the fabric we received and send the finished item to our final recipient. I sent Em fabric. And then I just wouldn’t leave her alone. Em’s who I want to be when I grow up. She’s fun, she’s flirty, she’s crafty, and her insights are lovely and clever and funny. And we keep up with each other on e-mail, not just blogging, which is lovely. Even though we’ve never met, I consider her a really great friend.

Firefly is a friend from life and the blogosphere. She’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and so extremely giving! I enjoy every time I get to see her, as well as every time I get to read her blog. She’s very good people.

Purple Spaghetti is another friend I pretty much stalked from swap-land. She was the hostess of the first Secret Pal I took part in. The person who was sending to me ended up being unable to take part, so PS found me a really great angel. And afterwards PS was stuck with me nosing around. She’s so funny, generous, and talented. And patient (I think you have to be with me around). And a woman who loves Dr. Pepper and Josh Holloway can’t be all bad!

Lil Rose Thorn is my coworker at my day-job and I suckered her into getting a blog so she could take part in the swaps. I can’t call her assistant any more, she’s too important. She’s got the greatest outlook, she’s patient and gives of herself to everyone! And she’s got talent, that kid. And it’s a joy to watch her talents grow and see what she puts on the blog that she doesn’t show me at the office…

Nora astonishes me. She’s always got one picture, and then a post that is so eloquent. Another woman who I aspire towards. I find peace through reading her blog, and I enjoy knitting her patterns too.

Sulicat is a friend I met taking the first level of the Master Spinner Program at Olds College. She’s so cool. I can’t define my admiration of her. She’s just…so cool! Her creations, her vivacity, her community involvement…she’s awesome. I’m always delighted by her posts and in awe of her photos.

Donyale manages to balance so many things and still gets a lot of knitting done. She’s so talented and warm, her blog is so great to keep up with and she is always dropping encouraging comments on my blog. She spins, designs, knits and plays with silver. She’s my kind of gal.

And I’m finishing this list (which is by no means a list of EVERYONE who inspires me, but I have to go pretty quick here) with Sayward. Yet another friend through swapping, she’s getting the coolest education ever, and her artwork is astonishing. I dabble in stuff, but she actually CREATES. Her media are varied and enticing…what luck to find a fellow Canuck who just fills me with wonder.

So, that’s my list.

And…I hate to do this, but I fear I may be taking a bit of a hiatus from the blogosphere for awhile.  I’m working so much that I haven’t been getting a lot of knitting time in, and so I don’t feel I have a lot to contribute to my blog, which is fundamentally about my knitting with hints of my life thrown in to boot.  I love blogging, and I’m definitely going to keep up with all of the blogs I read (I have bloglines…and 103 blogs to read in there…good thing not everyone posts every day), and I will post whenever I finish something interesting, but I can’t promise any kind of regularity.

Hugs to you all.