2 Awesome Things That are Completely Unrelated

1. The wind storm yesterday.  Knocked two large limbs from one of the trees outside my building and neither landed on the cars beside the tree.

Picture 006

2. Fabric made from spider silk!  Thanks to my friend Kitty Black who shared this in Ravelry.


A Bellyfull of Laughter

Last night was a great night spent with great friends, filled with fits of almost inexplicable giggles.  I’d say it was one of my best nights in recent memory, thanks girls.

Also…there may have been an incident of yarn buying.

Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock Yarn Fingering.  50% Alpaca, 30% Merino Wool, 10% Silk, 10% Nylon (Yes!  A non superwash sock yarn!).  I got it at River City Yarns and it’s going to come on vacation with me (two weeks!!!).

And I saw a pileated woodpecker yesterday!  Yay!

Hit and Run Posting…

I don’t have enough time to show you all the pictures I’ve taken since Friday.  Highlights of the last few days include that I shimmied while knitting at Bedouin Soundclash, got new trees planted against my building (YAY! and three of them skirt the balconies above my place, and so now I think I really do have my own balcony, I have a mini tree fence (though there’s no front, of course, can’t block the windows) and sit against my window…though I did that before the trees arrived in my neighbour’s truck, almost finished another sweater for work (just the button plackets and the side seams and she is fini!), got to briefly reconnect with scattered friends and was blown away by Ani DiFranco, despite my reservations.  She’s as angry as Trent but lets us know with a smile.  And her anger is less selfish.

But the coolest thing is this; I have an albino magpie living in my front yard.  I don’t like magpies but albino ones are cool.  Sorry the pic is so blurry; I was worried I was going to scare him away if I got too close so I didn’t take too much care in the photo itself.  A normal magpie is in the background if you want comparison.