Another F.O. and Some Other Stuff

I finished the socks I based on this pattern.  I did them toe-up with a figure-8 cast-on and a short row heel, used 3.0 mm needles and Araucania Ranco Multi yarn, but I don’t have the colourway as I seem to have misplaced the ball band.  This rib is a good mindless repeat, great for taking along to parties and the like when you may have several interruptions in a day.  And the yarn is thick enough that it made for really quick knitting!

I may have found the coolest pattern for the yarn I posted about a couple days ago for my train knitting.

And this kitten almost looks like a kitten we had a couple of years ago named Muffin.  Sometimes I call her M2.


I Want Something Cute

So here are this year’s pigs:

And we got new goats:

And I’m contemplating a new bike called Old Dutch (you have to do some searching for it, it’s under the “Every Day Use” heading, but you have to click on a few things in the site).  It’s a little more expensive than I was really thinking of doing, but with gas going the way it is…I had also hoped to get something with a basket, but her headlight is not in a good place for that.  But she’s so cute, and made in Holland!  And you should see the saddlebag they were advertising with her!  Sweet!

Oh, and sadly, the sheep are fundamentally Suffolks, so they’re not so fun for spinning.