2 Awesome Things That are Completely Unrelated

1. The wind storm yesterday.  Knocked two large limbs from one of the trees outside my building and neither landed on the cars beside the tree.

Picture 006

2. Fabric made from spider silk!  Thanks to my friend Kitty Black who shared this in Ravelry.


So…Yeah, eh?


My delightful friend Emily had been tagged with a couple of awards and gave one to me too. I like the “You Make My Day Award” best because smiles can mean so many different things whereas making one’s day is just that much warm-fuzzier in my world.

So here are some of the people who make my day, in, as Em put it, no particular order:

Dainty Kitty. We met through the first BackTack. We had to buy fabric and notions, send it to one person, then build something with the fabric we received and send the finished item to our final recipient. I sent Em fabric. And then I just wouldn’t leave her alone. Em’s who I want to be when I grow up. She’s fun, she’s flirty, she’s crafty, and her insights are lovely and clever and funny. And we keep up with each other on e-mail, not just blogging, which is lovely. Even though we’ve never met, I consider her a really great friend.

Firefly is a friend from life and the blogosphere. She’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and so extremely giving! I enjoy every time I get to see her, as well as every time I get to read her blog. She’s very good people.

Purple Spaghetti is another friend I pretty much stalked from swap-land. She was the hostess of the first Secret Pal I took part in. The person who was sending to me ended up being unable to take part, so PS found me a really great angel. And afterwards PS was stuck with me nosing around. She’s so funny, generous, and talented. And patient (I think you have to be with me around). And a woman who loves Dr. Pepper and Josh Holloway can’t be all bad!

Lil Rose Thorn is my coworker at my day-job and I suckered her into getting a blog so she could take part in the swaps. I can’t call her assistant any more, she’s too important. She’s got the greatest outlook, she’s patient and gives of herself to everyone! And she’s got talent, that kid. And it’s a joy to watch her talents grow and see what she puts on the blog that she doesn’t show me at the office…

Nora astonishes me. She’s always got one picture, and then a post that is so eloquent. Another woman who I aspire towards. I find peace through reading her blog, and I enjoy knitting her patterns too.

Sulicat is a friend I met taking the first level of the Master Spinner Program at Olds College. She’s so cool. I can’t define my admiration of her. She’s just…so cool! Her creations, her vivacity, her community involvement…she’s awesome. I’m always delighted by her posts and in awe of her photos.

Donyale manages to balance so many things and still gets a lot of knitting done. She’s so talented and warm, her blog is so great to keep up with and she is always dropping encouraging comments on my blog. She spins, designs, knits and plays with silver. She’s my kind of gal.

And I’m finishing this list (which is by no means a list of EVERYONE who inspires me, but I have to go pretty quick here) with Sayward. Yet another friend through swapping, she’s getting the coolest education ever, and her artwork is astonishing. I dabble in stuff, but she actually CREATES. Her media are varied and enticing…what luck to find a fellow Canuck who just fills me with wonder.

So, that’s my list.

And…I hate to do this, but I fear I may be taking a bit of a hiatus from the blogosphere for awhile.  I’m working so much that I haven’t been getting a lot of knitting time in, and so I don’t feel I have a lot to contribute to my blog, which is fundamentally about my knitting with hints of my life thrown in to boot.  I love blogging, and I’m definitely going to keep up with all of the blogs I read (I have bloglines…and 103 blogs to read in there…good thing not everyone posts every day), and I will post whenever I finish something interesting, but I can’t promise any kind of regularity.

Hugs to you all.