Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 6 – Revisit a past F/O – knitcroblo6

Sorry, this is a day late…

Very early on in my knitting career, I had another influence I haven’t mentioned in the previous Knitting and Crochet Blog Week posts; Virginia van Santen.

When I met Virginia, she was working at Ewe Asked For It.  At first I only knew her as the extremely knowledgeable but mildly gruff, and therefore intimidating, employee of “The Ewe”.  But then I got a little less intimidated by her when I started admiring her yarns.  The woman had a gift for hand painting yarns, and became well known in her love.  But then she got really sick, and we lost her.  The Yarn Harlot did well in her tribute to VvS.

I think in the end I only bought two of her yarns.  One was in purples and greens (which I knitted into an Argosy for my Grandmother), the other was in peaches and pinks and all number of colours, which I knitted into a still unfinished Trifle Cowl (I have to put the buttons on).  But I used some of that multi-pinked yarn to create a colourwork mitten.  Yes.  A single mitten, of my own design, and when I wore it my father would often say, “Nice mittens, do you have another pair like it at home?”

I didn’t care that I never made the second one.  I never made any notes anyhow…but I loved that mitten, and was pleased that Virginia liked it too (she definitely approved of using handpainted yarns in colourwork and would often use two different handpainted yarns in her colourwork).

I wore that mitten until I wore it out.  It was imperfect (the three-needle bind off I did at the top wasn’t exactly done in the right area so instead of having a flat top, I had one was twisted over my fingers), but I made it out of my head, and it was the first.  And call me a pack-rat, call me sentimental, but I still keep it because it’s full of memories.  It’s my first design, my first knitted item that I made that wore through, and a memory of a fascinating friend to boot.  So I’m keeping this mitten.