Spoiled Rotten

I haven’t been posting in awhile.  I seem to have lost that mojo, and I don’t promise that I’ve got a return on the way, but at least I’m right here, right now.

It was my Jesus birthday on Monday (they say that he lived to 33 so your 33rd birthday is your Jesus birthday), and my parents, brother, godmother and grandmother spoiled me ridiculously with a Nikon D90 which I have named Fitz.

Here are a couple of shots taken with Fitz.

Mojo.  Pattern by Donyale Grant.  It’s an instant heart.  The yarn is a naturally coloured marled  “Alpaca Blend Sock Yarn” by Alpaca Plus that I overdyed.

Tangerine sprout.  I was sceptical that it would work, but the tangerine it came from had a ridiculous amount of seeds so I decided to try planting one anyway.  Over a month later, I got sprout!

And, if you’re interested, I’m currently addicted to two bands: Taken by Trees and Florence + the Machine.


Quick! Another Finished Knit!

I started this November 27.  I finished knitting it that weekend, but I didn’t get around to weaving in the ends until last night and I finally put on the buttons this morning.  I’m very pleased with it, and I think my buddy will be too, especially considering that it’s still VERY cold outside and though he missed the worst of the weather because he’s been in Victoria since last week, he’s still going to experience it for a little while.

Nicholas by Jane Richmond (here’s the Ravelry page).  I double-stranded Debbie Bliss Fez which is comprised of 85% merino and 15% camel and knit it up on 9.0 mm needles.  I’m not a fast knitter; it took me 5 episodes of True Blood Season 2.

Finished Socks!

Kai-Mei by Cookie A. (Ravelry Link)

KPPPM Kai-Mei Socks

2 skeins of Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM) in colourway P802, purchased at Lettuce Knit for me by my dear friend Raura.  I used 2.5 mm needles.

I LOVED making these socks.  I did a little modification to the pattern because I wanted to carry on some sort of design rather than just leaving the lace end abruptly.  And I was fascinated by the difference between the pooling and the striping in the two different skeins.  I love hand-painted yarns.

The Latest Finished Object!

I knitted up the Helena pattern from the summer 2008 Knitty for my friend’s daughter (nicknamed Turkey-Bacon). I started it in February after I learned she had a girl and finished it yesterday; good thing she’s a small 6-month-old!


Knit on 4mm and 3mm needles using Mirasol Hacho colourway 309 and for trim, King Cole Merino Blend DK colourway 703. The Hachos were in different dyelots, and I had to get the King Cole because I couldn’t find any remaining Hacho; I don’t know if I lost it or used it up and none of the LYSs had any in stock! But the trim gave it an interesting detail; it reminds me of a kimono and a smoking jacket.

New Christmas Tree!

I got a new tree today; it’s only 4′ tall, but it’s a good size for an apartment. My old one isn’t very stable so I’m going to use it at work rather than at my home. It gets decorated with button garland (rather appropriate for a costume shop), but my new tree decided it wanted to be simply sophisticated. I’ve used blue/silver ribbon as garland, white LED lights that kind of remind me of Light Brite pegs, and blue, silver and gunmetal balls.  Also, I have four crosses my grandmother crocheted for me, and I think I’ll have to crochet some snowflakes to go with them, and I have to figure out what I’m going to do about a star, but I’m really happy with how this turned out and how easy it was to do.  I’d show you a picture but it didn’t turn out; I’ll have to wait until there’s daylight.

In the interim, here’s an arty shot of the balls I put on the tree.


And the view from my office window this morning.  Poor sheep seems to have lost her friends.


Oh, and for those of you who covet the shirt from today’s previous post, the shop is here.


So I haven’t knitted in awhile.  I’m itching for the needles, but the shoulders are still a little stiff.  Although yesterday I sure gave them a bit of different exercise; I shoveled the walk a bit (it’s been snowing quite a lot, yay!  No more brown Christmas!) and hauled my winter tires to the car.

Oh, and Sunday night I rearranged my living room because my friends brought me their old 32″ TV and the desk my computer was on became my TV stand (it’s made of saw-horses that I built with the guidance of my dad and topped with a hunk of plywood); I love what I’ve done with the place.  Now I just have to get a new tree since the stand on mine is dead (I’m thinking of taking the old tree to work; it might be possible for it to stand there).

But the TV definitely isn’t the only gift I’ve received.  Last week I got my lovely package from Jennicakes through Back Tack 4.  She sent some awesome chocolates, a hand-embroidered wall hanging and little lined bag, glycerin soap, and a sweet little cupcake necklace.



And a coworker gave me my early Christmas present, and I was all but undone.


It’s so true.

Repetetive Stress

So, the Christmas crafting may be coming to a screeching halt.  My back muscles have been causing me pain from my shoulders to my brain.  I have to work my real job with those muscles, so my Christmas knitting is definitely on hold till I recover, and we’ll see how the embroidery and spinning is going to do.  Oy.

I went to see my chiropracter on Monday and he said I should come back more often, but he’s a two-hour drive away (I have yet to find a chiropractor as good as he is…plus I used to work for him so there’s that too).  I’ll try to see him when I go home over Christmas.  For now, it’s ice-packs, leaning against wall corners, stretching and (worst case scenario) ibuprofen.

But I do have pics to show.

This is a hat I knit for work.  It’s from a vintage pattern I bought as a download but I stumbled upon it googling for patterns, so I don’t remember where I got it.  I will hopefully edit this and get back to you on that.  As well as the name of the pattern.


And here’s the scarf I’m waiting to finish knitting for my grandmother.  I’m going to make it the kind that buttons up on an angle rather than the multiple-wrap kind as the intention is for her to wear it indoors and out.  It’s Zitron Loft in colour 945, which is kind of weird; I think the fibres are felted together rather than spun.  I’m hoping the wobbliness this creates in the fabric goes away with blocking.  The pattern is My So Called Scarf.


So last night instead of knitting I played Lego Indiana Jones on the Xbox 360…for about 6 hours.  I cleared all of the mailboxes and artifacts for Raiders of the Lost Ark!  Woohooo!