I’m sick. So I’m consoling myself with a post about a song I’m addicted to. I heard it through some video of this double-jointed lanky breakdancer (great video!). Anyway, I’ve heard some of the other songs by this band but I don’t really dig on any of them except this one. You can watch AWOLNATION’s entertaining (mildly wank) version below, or scroll past it to watch the fascinating breakdancing version.

Oh! I found the breakdancer video!

Break ton Neck from Alex Yde on Vimeo.


Horror for the Holidays

I was at HMV with a buddy on Thursday night and picked up a copy of Black Christmas for a friend and John Carpenter’s Vampires for myself (it’s one of my all time favourites, just for the fromage), and when I brought them up to the till, the girl said, “So, Horror for the Holidays?”

Yes, thank you.

2 Things

1. If you’re a local and you love CJSR, it’s their annual FunDrive.  If you’re not a local, you can stream it online and come to love it and maybe you’ll want to donate too!  My favourite show these days is English Breakfast on Thursday mornings.

I took this photo and saved it to flickr, hence no name on it.  But it’s mine; if you want a copy, be sure to site me for it.  Thanks.

2. It’s Jim Henson’s Birthday!  Happy birthday Jim!  He would have been 73 today.


So I purchased the complete series (a.k.a. first and only season) of Moonlight and watched it while I worked on my Aeolian Shoulderette (ravelry link). I understand why this show only survived one season; the lead is not the best actor (which I often argue may be the director’s fault, but there were some pretty bad over-acting reactions), although he’s really not hard to look at…but I wonder if anyone else thought it was interesting that the dude was a Private Investigator, and years and years ago there was a P.I. show called Moonlighting (with Bruce Willis, Cybill Shepherd and no vampires…that I remember).  Am I sad that I bought Moonlight rather than rented it?  No, because I like the fromage and will watch it again.  Often.

I also watched Big Trouble in Little China, The Dark Crystal, Saved, The Lucky Ones, and the last two discs of the first season of Veronica Mars while I worked on my wee shawl as I was so sick this weekend, I was going nowhere.  I had the nastiest sore throat; it even hurt to touch my neck where you could see the glands had swelled.

I have been wondering if I would have gotten as much done on the shoulderette if I had been healthier; I wouldn’t have been home as much, but I may have had my brain more involved and made fewer mistakes.  Ah well, it’s still going to look great when it’s blocked.  Here it is so far:


I’m using my Dandelion Knits Handpaint Alpaca Merino Lace (Ravelry Link), glass with silver-holed “Blue Moon Beads” and the recommended 3.75 mm needles.

I’m Excited…

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians.  I hope you’re not overdosing on Tryptophan.  But that’s not what I’m excited about.
A movie I have been looking forward to seeing for MONTHS is coming out on DVD tomorrow.  The shock, the HORROR!  Heeheeheeeee.