Stress…What a Jerk

All knitting right now is for gifts, and although I doubt the people I’m knitting for actually read this blog (especially since I almost never post any more), I still won’t post pictures until they’re gifted. I’ve also given up on a gift and will pick up its replacement only after I’ve finished the other two…will have to think of something cute and little to do in the interim because I think I won’t get the time to make the replacement mittenettes (my grandmother’s hands are cold…purple cashmere mittenettes might help) before Christmas.

I’m not really stressed about knitting though, although my left elbow and shoulder may disagree with me. I’m stressed about homework. And the fact that I got a night-guard because I’ve been gritting my teeth so hard in my sleep but it’s not fitting properly and has woken me up with the most awful pain in the right side of my face twice now. The first time was Saturday morning at 3:00 and I didn’t get back to sleep again until 10:20 pm (well, I did have two 20 minute naps).

Did I mention I’m stressed about homework? Microeconomics is the bane of my existence right now, but it’s my own fault for procrastinating so badly. But I will have to get an extension on my Art History so I can balance it and my Psychology class better once Microeconomics is out of my hair. I didn’t want to do any more extensions but my planning skills have been lacking. This rush of completing the dreaded course should help me stay focused on the next two classes though, so it’s a bonus. Check one for the “school of hard knocks.”

I have an assignment due ASAP, and my midterm is on the 20th…wish me luck.


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