Feeling Kinda Savvy

Went to the "Cut! Costume and the Cinema" exhibit at the Glenbow Museum and took this photo.

I got a fancy new printer from my mom.  It had issues for four weeks, namely that it was a shelf model and the kid forgot to pack its power cord.  And when Mom asked them to mail it to us, they didn’t write the address properly so it got sent back to them.  Four weeks later I got the cord and I finally set up the printer.

However, it took me three days to figure out how to get the printer to run on my mini laptop…but I got it done this morning (oh, you need to download the stuff from the internet when you don’t have a disc-drive!).

And yesterday the first generation Apple TV I won on eBay arrived…sans cables, so I went to the Apple Store and bought the HD cables, and then found a $3 cable at The Source which can piggy back my audio cables from my Apple TV and my Xbox 360 to my ancient stereo (I bought it my first summer at the Park, back in 1996; the CD player doesn’t work any more, but the rest of it does).  I got it set up and rented & watched the Russel Brand Arthur to celebrate.

Arthur‘s a really cute film, but not one I feel the need to purchase.

Also, wireless connections are amazing to me.  Now I kind of want to find a wireless thinger for the Xbox…maybe later though; my pocket book is searching madly for band-aids…


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