I’m Still Around

It has been a very long time since I posted.  Life has a habit of getting in the way.  Nothing bad’s been going on, but I’ve been busy with work and being a little social.

I finished my Level 4 homework to the best of my ability considering how badly I procrastinated on it.  I was so relieved, and have been celebrating by spinning some really lovely Merino/Yak roving from Wooly Wonka Fibers.  I have only spun half of the four ounces I bought and I already have about 258 yards of delicious plied yarn.  I haven’t measured it for grist yet as it’s still drying but I keep waffling between knitting myself socks (which will die quickly if I wear them in my ceramic-tiled apartment), or knitting or weaving a scarf with it.  Here are some photos, for which I apologize; it’s been raining and the light has been less than stellar so I had to touch them up.

It’s been very important to me to keep using my wheel.  The first reason is so that it knows that I love it; when I was supposed to be using it for my Level 4 workbook, I was attempting to ignore it like an albatross.  The second reason is so that I remember that I love it.  I really enjoyed taking the Master Spinner program through Olds College, but I often allowed myself to feel that spinning for the workbook was a chore.  Now I can spin for shits’n’giggles again and it’s so nice.  Although, I kept looking at the fibres I was spinning last night and thinking, “When will I get through you?!?”

School took a bit of a backburner moment while my team and I got the costumes ready at the Park for another season, and it’s taken me some time to get back into it.  But, with an extension, I’m looking forward to giving it the attention it needs.

I gave up sugar recently; about three weeks ago I started getting the jitters when I had it.  It’s still in a lot of things I eat, such as yogurt or Raisin Bran, but I’ve switched from desserts and iced tea (the powdered kind – it was my drink of choice where most people have coffee) to fruit and water (and fruit juices for treats) and I feel so much better!  And I lost 5 lbs since doing it, which is quite remarkable.

And I’m playing with knitting without guilt.  Yup, getting my Level 4 homework done was a good thing.

Edit: I was looking through my Ravelry queue this evening and I decided I’m going to make Ysolda Teague’s “The Orchid Thief Shawlette” from Brave New Knits out of my handspun yarn – if I’ve already got 250+ yards and still have more to spin, I’ll be laughing.  The gauge is about 15 wpi and it’s a little hairy so it will compact nicely enough to work with this shawl.


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