30 Day Music Challenge Day 13

A Song that is a Guilty Pleasure

I dated this fella for about five months.  He was what my brother would call a “hairbag.”  He was skinny, he had this gritty voice, and he was a bassist in a band.  The dude was a very nice kisser.

I didn’t much like his band.  I liked 90s hairbands, but his band featured an annoying lead vocalist who loved playing with his voice box (this link is probably not to the style he used, but it gets the point across) and it was all screamy, and though I knew there were lyrics in there, I could never hear them.

Regardless, the fella introduced me to Ween.  I still have a softspot for them, especially for the song Mutilated Lips.  It’s weird but I find it delicious.


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