30 Day Music Challenge Day 7

A Song that Reminds You of a Certain Event

The Sesame Street theme song…

I don’t remember what year it was as my brain doesn’t work that way (sadly, in my brain, the past is the past and it’s all blurred together, baby) but one year my friends and I got tickets to go to one of the nights of Folk Festival.  I knitted from the car down to the hill and everyone was impressed.  We ended up running into some other friends who were generous enough to share their tarps with us.  When Michael Franti came on, I was quite impressed with his infectious persona.  When he sang the Sesame Street theme, I was in love.  Everyone on the hill danced, but I think our tarp may have been dancing the hardest.  That was a great night.

Here’s a link to Michael Franti singing Sesame Street‘s theme.  It’s not from our night, but it’s still fun to hear him do it again.


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