30 Day Music Challenge Day 6

A Song that Reminds You of Somewhere

The last time I visited my brother in Montreal I spent a little time alone in a French book store.  My French skills, or lack thereof, are appalling, so I was looking for the English section, and admiring the gifts.  Over the speakers I heard this very lovely and entertaining cover version of Technotronic’s Pump up the Jam.

As my French is less than stellar, and I’m painfully shy, I couldn’t ask anyone to find out who I was listening to so I quietly walked out with a smile in my heart that I at least got to hear this little gem.

A friend drove up from New York to come visit me while I was in Montreal, and we were visiting in a little cafe in the Old Port when the music came on.  I told her about how I had heard the music before but couldn’t ask anyone about it.  She had been an “au pair” (nanny) in Paris, so her French skills are stellar, and she found out that it the cover was by The Lost Fingers.  I love The Lost Fingers, and am glad that they remind me of a place, a time, and a friend.


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