Well, hello there

Look!  A hat!

Norie by Gudrun Johnston.  Ravelry link to my project.

So much for this being a school journal.  Journaling isn’t really a daily thing for me.  Mehh.

Although, speaking of school, I think I’ve come up with a new way to encourage myself to get my level 4 spinning homework done (because apparently I need incentives other than actually finishing it).  Shoes.

This winter has had more snow and cold days than most of the preceding 10 years and because of that, I’ve been wearing my winter boots almost every day since I got them in November.  I love my boots, but I’m really looking forward to wearing something else.  I’ve taken to wearing my plaid sneakers around my apartment and eyeing my “Roman” sandals with longing.

So if I get my yarn homework done in a decent amount of time, I’m going to get myself shoes.  Below are links to the shoes I’m currently tempted by; I may go with none of these because I may discover something that fits my shortness and thick calves better, but I wonder which are your favourites?

Shoe A.  Fluevog boots with tonnes of buckles?

Shoe B.  Fluevog printed boots with lattice-work cutouts?

Shoe C.  Neosens Rococo in “Ghobi Albahaca” with a cute little ribbon bow?


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