Think Less, Focus More

This is what I seem to be learning in university right now.  One of our assignments in English is to write two paragraphs, one about ourself and another about our culture or community, and then put these paragraphs on a forum.  Our paragraphs will be read and commented on by our forum members, and we must do the same for theirs.  It took me forever to write my initial paragraphs because I couldn’t find a focus on them.  And then one of my forum members had a really interesting submission that I wanted to comment on and I just couldn’t find the right thing to say until I decided to say that I had so much I wanted to say.

My goodness, this is going to take some adjustment.

Then there’s the fact that I think differently than the micro-economists do.  A question was asked about the pros and cons of welfare payments, and I responded with job loss and the need vs. want of finding a new job, and the response they were looking for was about retirees.  I have always thought of welfare as an unemployment issue, not a pension issue so this was a shocker to me.


Speaking of a lack of focus, here’s a photo of some yarn I received for my birthday:


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