I gave notice at my part-time job on Thursday.  My last day will be the 18th, and I teared up a little as I walked away after giving the notice.  I had come to really enjoy working there, but I realised on Tuesday that I have two much homework to do now that I’m in university.  I’m currently working on three 3-credit courses, if you include my yarn school homework, as well as a 40-hour-per-week job, so something had to be sacrificed, and it was my gravy job.

I am absolutely going to miss the staff I’ve been working with, and I’ll miss the routine that comes with a retail position, but most of all, I’m going to miss working in a “fishbowl”.  The shop is on a corner and the two hall-way facing walls are fundamentally windows, so I’ve seen a lot of interesting things.  I’ve seen a man dressed as a lamp, including the pullstring chain, I’ve spotted “Where’s Waldo” a few times, and last night, I saw a Wookie wearing beat-up sneakers and a backpack.  There may be lulls in the day, but there are certainly some highly entertaining reasons to work at a mall.

Ah well, when this is all done, my brain is going to be even more attractive, so it’s all good.  Thank goodness for the Wookie though.



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