Changing the Face of My Blogging

Last week was momentous in my little world.  It held my 34th birthday, my relief of getting another yarn-school extension, and the dawning of my shiny new “education journey” as my brother calls it.  It also held one of my typical OMGOVERLOAD! moments, and so I ended up doing far less than I should have.

I have come to the conclusion that 2011 is going to have the theme of balance.  I need to balance a lot, and I’m grateful that I live in a country that allows me to get involved in everything I’m getting myself into.  Here’s what’s on my plate:

  • Full time costuming job, which is evolving in exciting ways that I would never have been able to predict and so it’s still enjoyable after all these years.
  • Part time receptionist position at a glasses shop.  It’s only 4 hours a week but it’s something different and it makes me happy.
  • Yarn school – which I hope to finish sooner than later so that I can focus on other things, but at least I got an extension that will allow me to finish it.
  • Microeconomics.  I might not have been so nervous about this class if everyone I’d mentioned it to wouldn’t have said, “Eugh, I hated Microeconomics!”
  • Introductory Composition.  I loved English in high school, it was my highest mark throughout (except, I think, for Art 30), so I’m looking forward to this, so long as I do my readings before I try to write, unlike on Wednesday when I tried to plow along and made myself angry.
  • My friends and family and fun things.

One of the things we are encouraged to do in our Introductory Composition class is to start a journal.  So this blog is probably going to change from its previous crafting-orientation to more of a writing-orientation.  I’m going to try to write daily now, and you can feel free to keep on reading it, but if it gets too boring, I’d get it if you didn’t want to follow along.  There won’t be many pictures for the first little while as I haven’t been taking as many with my D90 in the shop and being out of practice with my old Canon point-and-shoot, but hopefully I’ll get back into a photo of the day thing.  My posts may not have anything to do with the photo, but we’ll see.

Welcome to my blog where writing may become the new crafting…


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