Dear Blog

I don’t know what happened.  Well, maybe I do.  I let myself get back on Facebook.  I blame my friends, I kept sending them e-mails and they never really checked them.  They told me it would be best to send them messages through Facebook, and well, you know, I reanimated myself after over a year of decay and…well…it’s a time-suck.

Then they told me to hook up with Twitter.  I think Twitter’s going to be trouble.  It’s all like, hey let me help you follow these people, you can talk to them even.  And I’ve succumbed.  I commented on a tweet for a person who, in a normal world without these weird computer things, I would be really unlikely to talk to in the real world.  So weird.  I’m going to try to prevent it from becoming a habit but Twitter’s a slippery slope…

Anyway blog, I apologise that I’m not sharing the love the way I used to.  I’ll try to pop in once in awhile.  In the meantime, I’ve been taking photos almost every day.  Here’s a shot of a raven I took yesterday.  I did have to touch it up; I cropped it and made it a little brighter, but I’m pleased with it.  I hope you like it too.

Well.  Talk to you soon.  ♥ Delly Bean


2 thoughts on “Dear Blog

  1. These things happen Miss DB. I have gone into the world of facecrack (as a girlfriend puts it)….but have resisted twitter since I saw a stupid tweet when someone said “OMG. I just crashed the car” and people tweeted back “OMG Are you ok?”….and I was thinking ‘D’oh! – of course they are ok – they are tweeting!!!!!’….

    You will post on your blog when you want to – it’s the best way rather than posting because you feel you have to.

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