Contemplating Carpentry

After I wash dishes and shower, I’m heading off to the homestead to hopefully craft some shelves for my apartment.

Currently I have two Expedit shelving units; one is storing my spinning supplies in boxes, the other is storing my DVDs and some of my books.  For awhile I was thinking I wanted a third for my apartment so I could store my yarn the same way I’m storing my spinning supplies.  But when I looked it up on IKEA’s website, they said the size I was looking for no longer was available.  Turns out it is available in the store for $99 but Dad and I had chatted about it, and a sheet of plywood is between $30 and $50 and it is cooler to build it myself (with dad’s help).

I did a few measurements, and really, the Expedit is not very practical as a bookshelf; it’s too deep if you want to have it against a wall (and it’s too deep to have against the wall that the side of my couch is also on because it cuts into your leg room), and I could fit five 10.5″ spaces into the four spaces that are in my Expedit so I’d have more room for books and DVDs than I currently have if I made two shelving units that are 8″ deep!

So I’m going to play carpenter for my mid-week weekend and organize my apartment in the aftermath.


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