And Another Thing

I forgot one thing that should totally be on my list of things to save up for; I need to save up for Level 5 of the Master Spinner Program.

On a somewhat different note, I bought jeans today.  I’m 15 lbs above my desired weight, but my dad gave me cash to buy jeans for fishing.  He told me to get new jeans that had room in the leg so that I could get long johns under them because, as he said when looking at the jeans I was wearing when he gave me the cash, “You can’t even get nylons under those!”

It is tough for me to find jeans that aren’t snug on the thighs when I’ve got drumsticks for legs.  I typically have to get jeans that are at least an inch too large in the hips for them to fit my thighs.  So I’m trying to do a lot of lower body cardio.  But I digress.  I got some guys’ jeans that are “wide leg”, some silly stripy tights to wear under them, and some tight girls’ jeans for not fishing (since one of the two pairs I’m currently wearing has worn through on the left hip and pocket), and I got all three pieces for $65.  Bluenotes is a good place for jeans.


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