The Start to List Fulfillment

Yesterday I did these things to work up to my personal goals:

1, 2 and 6: I exercised using videos from SparkPeople and ExerciseTV as well as one of the local dog parks with my dog friends and their momma.  And I bought a lot of healthy groceries including fruits and vegetables (which I tend not to buy because I typically don’t finish them), and I made a fruit salad to take over to my friends’ house.

5: One of the saving things I’m doing right now is that I’m only using cash.  That way I know when I’m tapped out as it were, and the change that I have in my pockets at the end of the day goes into a container.  Yesterday I put in more than $3.00!

I didn’t do any of my crafty goals, but at least I got started on the other things.  One step at a time, as they say.


One thought on “The Start to List Fulfillment

  1. Goood luck on the goals!! The coin/change thing is a wonderful idea. I used to do that and every year around Christmas I’d cash it in, always about $500. Once I got married I stopped as I realized my hubby viewed the saving-change-thing the exact opposite, it was his own little vending machine/soda ATM. All the quarters would be missing, tons of pennies. LOL

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