Today I’ve been thinking of lists.  I’m usually pretty tight lipped about private stuff, and since there are no photos in this post, I’ll be more than okay if you don’t feel like reading it.  I decided I wanted to put it in the public ether so maybe it would get some sort of fire in my belly.

So, the first list is the personal goo:

  1. I want to lose 15 lbs (again) and keep them off this time.  Winters are tough in my part of Canada, though not as tough as others, but they’re long and sometimes chocolate is the only method of survival.  But I had such a better personal outlook when I was down those pounds last summer and want to get that back.
  2. I want to get healthy.  This is an interesting challenge.  I don’t think I have really bad health issues, but I worry that the little things may be adding up to something.  My doctor doesn’t seem as worried though, so I’ll just try to hang on to her blasé dealings as do-not-worry remedies.  I’m currently dealing with anemia and Pityriasis rosea.  So I’m tired and cranky, but for once am glad that I’m single so that nobody has to look at my spotted chest but me.  Anyway, I think the weightloss will help with this too – it will mean eating better and maybe (gasp) cooking.
  3. I want to find my spinning mojo again.  I have to get on with my level 4 homework but I keep glancing at my wheel apathetically instead of enthusiastically and it’s gathering dust from lack of use rather than from flying fibres.
  4. I need to organize my bedroom.
  5. I need to learn how to budget and be frugal like my dad rather than lavish like my mom.  I’m very good at justifying purchases.  For shame.
  6. I need to get out more and explore my city.

List 2, the things I want (in other words, why I need to be frugal):

  1. VACations rather than STAYcations.  I really hope to embark on a Cross-Canada Yarn Crawl next summer with my friend Raura, and perhaps the summer after that, go fishing in the ocean with my dad just off Prince Rupert, British Columbia.
  2. Lenses for Fitzy the Vundercam.  My Nikon D90 that my family got me really needs some ocular accessories.
  3. A new couch.  I got cable, so I’m spending far more time in front of the TV and I think my couch is too cushy and my back is getting hurty.  The cable is an expenditure I don’t really need but as I said before, I’m good at justifying things.  The theory is that I’ll do more homework if I’ve got the TV going in the background…

Projects on the Go.  I have a lot of crafty balls in the air.  It’s time to get some focus.  Here are the things I want to finish:

  1. My spinning homework for level 4.  I got my mark back for level 3 and it was extremely acceptable and I now know what I need to work on to continue to do well.
  2. A gift for an impending baby.  As I’m still waiting on the yarn for this so it can’t really be considered a work in progress, and at the rate I’ve been going with the crafts it’s going to be later than the birth of the child, but the notion of it fills me with glee.
  3. The sweater for work.  We have a sweater in the collection that has been worn by a few of my favourite male interpreters since 1996.  It’s so lovely and masculine and it deserves to live on.  So I measured it up and am trying to build its replica but I’ve only been knitting on it sporadically.  I’m almost done the front.  Then I need to do the back, the sleeves, and the collar.  It’s going to take awhile.
  4. An Octopus Bag for work.  It’s kind of extra-curricular.
  5. The February Lady Sweater I started in 2008.
  6. My current purse scarf.  It’s not a very good purse scarf as you have to pay attention to the chart like you wouldn’t believe.  But it’s pretty (in a hamburger kind of way).

So, I guess I have a question (if you’ve gotten this far) – How do you budget, both your time and your money, to get the things you want to do done?  And another question, what do your lists look like right now?


2 thoughts on “Lists

  1. Wow a lot of goals! Digging that cute little octopus purse! Budget and weight loss – so hard to do together. Those healthy foods cost a bit more (fruits, sugar-free, yada) but in the end its all worth it. This is the only body you are going to get.

    Make sure you set aside a small amount of money for yourself, a small splurge each month/week. If you usually buy $100 in yarn, just buy $20. Knit a hat instead of a sweater. Winter is coming…heads get cold. 🙂 Better yet…organize the yarn stash. You’ll be shocked at what you find that you had forgotten about.

    You sooo can do this! Hugs

  2. It can be hard to focus on so many goals (mistyped goats at first!) but you can do it. And I second the stash organization; it can help immensely with fibre addictions…

    I’d honestly say that getting on the healthy eating train can do wonders for both your budget AND your body, and it will make all of your other goals easier to tackle. Make it a priority! It takes discipline but will pay huge dividends. I’ve forced myself to eat well for almost a year now since I’m expecting (!) and I can honestly say I’ve never felt better.

    So proud of you to have Level 5 in your sights! Don’t forget to celebrate your successes too!

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