Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 5 – Location, Location, Location – knitcroblo5

I’m a knit anywhere kinda girl.  Yesterday, much to my mother’s amusement, I was wandering around a gift shop, chatting with her, looking at various knickknacks, and knitting.  She was impressed at the level of multitasking.

My dad is not overly fond of my knitting habits.  I’m not allowed to knit at church when I visit my parents (though last time I was there I knitted while we were waiting for the congregation to file in…I’ve got some cheek, let me tell you), and when he takes me fishing, he won’t let me bring it with me to do in the truck on the way out to the lakes because I’ll miss the scenery (I kind of want to knit while I’m in my belly boat sometime; I think it would be hilarious).  One day while we were watching TV and I was deciding which of the projects I had brought home with me I wanted to work on, he accused me of being addicted.  I admitted that I was, but at least while I was sitting on my ass I was being somewhat productive.

I have a couple groups of friends, one group tolerates my knitterly ways with a little sceptical tolerance (oh, there she goes bringing out the knitting again), and the other contains my knitterly friends who whip out the knitting whenever convenient as well.

Generally on the whole, when knitting in public, I’ve never had anyone freak out that I was knitting.  In fact, I’ll often get someone who is curious, or someone who likes to reminisce about their own knitting.

Knitting a Herringbone Scarf (Rav link) by Allison Blevins at the Edmonton Folk Fest with Bela Fleck and Toumami Diabate in the background.  Upon posting this shot in facebook, a friend commented that he was told by another musician that knitting is the new Rock and Roll.

I just can’t knit in the dark.


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