Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 2 – An Inspirational Pattern

As I mentioned in my knitcroblo1 post, Hello Yarn was also responsible for my becoming a spinner.  To this end, I’ve been studying the Master Spinner course at Olds College.  There are six levels to the program, and in the end I’ll have a wealth of knowledge and a certificate saying that I’m a Master Spinner.

I’m currently working on my homework for Level 4.  In Level 4 we learned how to work with Camel, Cashmere, Bison (oh how I love bison!) and Linen (I need to work on appreciating linen), as well as various methods of dyeing with acid dyes and various worsted spinning preps.  So I have to do a workbook involving these things, as well as a 150 hour project in which we prepare the fibres, spin them into the desired yarn, dye them, then, using any interlocking yarn method, provide an end product.  We’re to log the amount of time spent on each step, and it’s a ridiculously important aspect of this level.

I had a lot of difficulties deciding on what I should do for my 150 hour project.  I was contemplating needlepointing a picture, but I couldn’t settle on the idea, and the needlepoint would take far more time than the spinning, dyeing or prepping and it’s a spinning program so the emphasis should be on that…

I stumbled upon this (it’s a link to the PDF) and finally had my answer (Rav Link).  An African Adventure.  Modular knitting, wicked amounts of joining, but all sorts of awesome.  So, in the midst of life in general (I work two jobs and my full time job is getting into the high season), I need to get the workbook and the 150 hour project done by October…at least I finally found my inspiration to get on it!


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