Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 1 – Starting Out

I learned to knit and crochet many times.  The two grandmothers I grew up having around were prolific crocheters, and the one who is still living is still churning out snowflakes and filet crocheted pictures at the age of 92.  She’s the grandmother who taught me to knit twice and crochet at least once.

I learned how to tat when I was twelve and it stuck, no problem, but knitting and crocheting didn’t.

Then I became a costumer at an historic site and was befriended by a girl who was a knitter and a crocheter and I had her teach me to crochet and it finally stuck.  For the longest time I maintained that I preferred crocheting to knitting, because she had also taught me to knit but I found just knitting and purling boring.

Knitting finally took over my life when I stumbled across Hello Yarn’s blog, and specifically the pattern for her Besotted Scarf.  I HAD to make that scarf.  My teacher/friend didn’t know how to cable though.  We tried to figure it out but couldn’t on our own.  Another friend said it was easy but didn’t clarify.  Then I stumbled onto Knitty and found really clear instructions in the Tri-Aran-Angle wrap.

I learned to knit at the best time possible; knitting had begun its resurgence, and books were being published (and I discovered that the Edmonton Public Library carried many of them), people were blogging and creating web magazines, and then RAVELRY showed up.  Thank the gods (and Jess, Casey and Bob) for Ravelry!

Oh, and Hello Yarn can be thanked for my spinning too.

I never finished my besotted scarf; I had been using an acrylic/wool blend and quickly became a yarn snob.  And we joke in my family that the yarn crafts skip a generation because neither my mom nor my aunt ever took on crocheting or knitting.


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