A real post will come in the future…

Just wanted to drop a note to say some things:

1) Congrats to Ravelry for getting out of the Beta Phase!  Woot!

2) I have a new band I LOVE.  They’re called Hellsongs and they do really beautiful covers of old favourites like ACDC’s “Thunderstruck” and Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”  Yes, I loved hairbands growing up.

3) Tomorrow the Vernal Equinox rings in Spring in my hemisphere.  Spring is my favourite season and I have been counting down the sleeps for it.  So far it has been an amazing March; last year we met up with temperatures of -30 C, this year the days have been hovering between 1 C and 9 C.  The snow is almost melted and soon there will be green grass growing all around, all around!  Huzzah!

4) I’m weaving a sash for work.  The warp has navy blue, royal blue, red, gold, yellow, white, dark green and a middling green as its colours, the weft is royal blue.  As I worked on it today it totally reminded me of Rainbow Brite.  So this sash will be known as the Rainbow Brite sash from now on.  Pictures will be coming, but it’s bedtime now, and I have to clean house tomorrow for a wee Spring celebration tomorrow night so it may be awhile…

Enjoy your Equinox, whichever one it is for you!


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