Decision Made

I won’t be returning to Level 5 until 2011.  Trusting, that is, that they will be offering Level 5 in 2011 (it depends on numbers, of course).  I will be a Master Spinner eventually, but I want to be able to give my full attention to my Level 4 homework, and I want to spin for spinning’s sake rather than just for marks so that I can get my mojo back and be able to fully put my attention to Level 5 rather than piggy-backing two levels on each other like I have been doing.

And my friends are supporting me so that I will get back.  And I just feel so much better about life in general now that I’m not worrying about going back this year.

And my Christmas money may go to a fancier wheel, but I’m going to think about that for awhile.  I may also keep it on hand and maybe add to it and go on a vacation…for some reason, I really want to go to Portugal…although, it might be nice to go to Peru and search out some fibre-bearing wildlife.


One thought on “Decision Made

  1. I need your mailing address, it is stuck on my old computer and it is just easier to get it from you than dig out the cords….lazy me…

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