I’m contemplating not going to yarn school this year.  I just finished my Level 3 homework 5 minutes after ringing in the new year, and I’ve only done two skeins for my Level 4 since then.  And along with the Level 4 homework, I have to do a 150 hour project (for which I keep changing my mind).

The pros of not going back to yarn school include removing a lot of the pressure, not having to learn how to spin synthetic fibres (I’m a natural fibre snob and have been since the summer of 1996 when I first entered the historical costuming world), and the ability to spin something fun for myself without feeling guilty about using the wheel for non-homework purposes.

The cons of not going back to yarn school include the concern that I may never go back, that I won’t learn how to spin synthetic fibres and won’t be able to boast about being a MASTER spinner, and if I go back another year rather than this one I won’t get to finish with my classmates who have supported me as I go through this and who I love working with.

I have a lot to think about.  So…I guess right now I’m asking for prayers or positive thoughts for me that I may get a little more productive in my current homework, and that I make the correct decision for the right reasons.


One thought on “Conundrum

  1. Go on- Do it. Then you CAN be a master spinner. I always read what you are doing and wish I had access to such a thing. You are lucky you do. You should finish it – really. I think that it’s a great thing to force yourself to spin all sorts of different things too – it makes you appreciate the niceness of an easy pure blend.

    Go on.

    Do it, just do it, do it, just do it.

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