I hope it’s nicer where you are than where I am this weekend; temperatures are ranging around -32 C (-25.6 F) and -36 C (-32.8 F) with a windchill as low as -40 which is the same in Celsius as it is in Fahrenheit and skin can receive frostbite within 5 minutes!  And I’m still going out today AND tomorrow.

Today I’m going to try to donate blood (I suspect I’ll have enough iron as I’ve had a lot of beef this week, as well as my multivitamins with 10mg of iron in them) and do some errands, tomorrow I’m going to work at my part-time job because they were in a bind and well, one should take this opportunity to help pay for Christmas.

It’s too bad most of the Starbucks I go to no longer have the salt for the salted caramel hot chocolate because it was ridiculously good and a perfect treat for a ridiculously (and not remotely typical for December) cold day.

Stay warm!


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