The Latest Finished Object!

I knitted up the Helena pattern from the summer 2008 Knitty for my friend’s daughter (nicknamed Turkey-Bacon). I started it in February after I learned she had a girl and finished it yesterday; good thing she’s a small 6-month-old!


Knit on 4mm and 3mm needles using Mirasol Hacho colourway 309 and for trim, King Cole Merino Blend DK colourway 703. The Hachos were in different dyelots, and I had to get the King Cole because I couldn’t find any remaining Hacho; I don’t know if I lost it or used it up and none of the LYSs had any in stock! But the trim gave it an interesting detail; it reminds me of a kimono and a smoking jacket.


3 thoughts on “The Latest Finished Object!

  1. Ha! I just had very bad (but funny) vision of a very small child with a pipe. Very cute – I love the ties and the little scalloped edging. 🙂

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