I’m going to the Edmonton Folk Festival!  Woot!  I was flirting with the notion of heading to the Calgary one; they’ve got Gomez going there and I’ve been a fan for some time, and Esthero and Sarah Harmer will be there too, but mostly I wanted to see Iron & Wine and he’s coming to Edmonton!

I also got the Wednesday night ticket, through which I will see Sarah McLachlan!

The artists I am most looking forward to seeing are Jill Barber (check out the dress she’s got on in her bio!), Neko Case, Iron and Wine (who is far more than his cover on the Garden State Soundtrack…), Old Man Luedecke, Danny Michel, and Souljah Fyah (who I once saw when I first moved into E-town and loved them).  I’m also interested in seeing Kathleen Edwards, Eivør (they’re from the Faroe Islands and there’s some knitting tradition there, although I don’t know how much knitting the artists of this group do), and I’m hopeful that I’ll enjoy Great Lake Swimmers live because I haven’t fallen in love with them on CD.  And I’ll be very un-Canadian and probably try to shy away from Joel Plaskett; I used to like him, but now his voice grates on my nerves something fierce.

The coolest thing about the Folk Fest is the workshops.  They have all of these mini-stages set up throughout the grounds and most of the artists don’t just do shows on the main stage, many of them collaborate on the workshops, so you get a really interesting intimate setting with them.  Oh my heart. The other cool thing about the workshops is you get to know and love some of the more obscure artsists.

There will of course be knitting, and potentially spinning, in public.

And as I was writing this post, my copy of Iron & Wine’s Around the Well arrived in the mail!



One thought on “Waugh!

  1. Hullo! We don’t know each other, but I was surfing the intrawebz for bustle ideas and happened upon one of your dresses and I have to tell you that your sewing is so beautiful!! I immediatley had to investigate further and looked among your bloginess here and I’m hecka impressed and drooling slightly. So I decided that such awesome seamstressing needed to be complimented and here we are. Consider me a new fan. 🙂


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