Yet Another Drive-By

I sneezed this morning and my ribcage didn’t hurt!  Hooray for my new chiropractor and huzzah for the stretches he gave me!

Due to a great team and a larger collection than ever, I’m able to take some time off this weekend.  My Godmother’s sister passed away this week so I’m heading to the memorial in Red Deer tomorrow, and then staying over night to hang out a bit for Mothers’ Day.  In previous years, in the two or three weeks leading up to opening (May 17th this year), there would have been no way that I could have taken these luxuries; the last two years my parents have brought my Grandmother up to Edmonton for Mothers’ Day lunch so I could go back to work immediately afterwards.

I’ll still likely have to put in a few more 12-hour days, but nothing like previous years.  So far I haven’t felt that it would be best if I had a bed in my office.  Yay!


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