Another of Those Random Posts

1.  I have come to the conclusion that one shouldn’t go past the age of thirty.  The warranties expire once you reach that age.  This year (my 32nd) I have had two colds, the second of which refuses to let go.  And on Wednesday night while watching an episode of the first season of Mad Men (so freaking good!), I was sitting kind of scrunched up on my loveseat and I coughed, and something happened to my ribcage that is painful and not good.  I thought I sprained it and I even went into a bit of shock.  It’s getting better, and it forced me to find a chiropractic clinic in Edmonton (I hadn’t previously because the last chiropractor I tried in town gave me that ick feeling).

2.  I have a new chiropractor!  My friends recommended him and he’s awesome, and it turns out he does accupuncture as well, so if I ever feel brave enough to go that route, I already trust the guy doing it.  He told me that he would really like it if I became his patient, and he wouldn’t be hurt if I continued to see my old chiropractor (I have an attachment to my old chiropractor since I used to work for him).  So technically, I have two chiropractors.

3.  I finished a Baby Surprise Jacket in February for the boy who turned out to be my Godson.  I don’t remember the needle size, but I spun the yarn out of fibre I bought here and the buttons were from Ewe Asked For It.  I also don’t remember what gauge the yarn was.  Whatever, it was a fun spin, a fun knit, and it’s ended up being for a fun boy!  One of my parents took the photo because I finished it at night and it was too dark to get a decent photo and sent it home with my Mom the next morning.  And now I’m looking at the photo and it looks like I put the buttons on the wrong side!  I’ve been a costumer for 13 years, you’d think I’d know the correct side to do that.  Shh.  Don’t tell my friends.


4.  I have some photos from the crazy snowstorm we had on March 22nd, 2009.  One is of the snow on my car, the other is me doing my first attempt at snow-shoeing.  I fell down a couple of times, and I ran out of breath very quickly, but I had an awesome time doing it.




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