My last post was nearly a month ago.

I haven’t much to say at the moment, just letting every one know that I’m still alive.  I went home for the Easter long weekend and came down with the worst cold ever (we thought I had Strep throat but although I had a swab taken, I’ve not heard from any doctors, so apparently I didn’t).  I call it THE MOTHERCOLD.  It took me down.  I missed five days of work, and I stayed at my parents’ home for a total of 10 days in which I fundamentally slept and coughed and sweated.

There were celebrations while I was down there though; my mother turned 65 and officially retired, and I became a godmother to my friends’ third son!

And I’ve barely crafted this month.  Nothing to show for it anyway.  I picked up crocheting my blanket again, but I really should be working on my homework anyway.

That’s life in a nutshell.  Oh, except that I’m pretty much addicted to the new Metric album, Fantasies.  You gotta love a band that has a Theremin.


One thought on “Holy!

  1. wordpress is pretty funny. I posted a photo of the Hopi Mother Crow Kachina and it picked up this post of your Mothercold as possibly related. I’m sure you are well by now.

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