Pin-Pricks and Poplar Fuzz

I was telling a friend about my day so far, and he gave me my title for today’s post as my theme for the day.  Today I went for an appointment with an allergist.

I have long suspected that I’m allergic to walnuts and pecans because they make my mouth feel funny.  And within the last two weeks I have had a couple reactions to some mysterious allergen, so I figured it was time to see what I am allergic to. 

Turns out that although I’ve never felt funny after donating blood, I’m easily made faint by getting allergy tests because I nearly passed out after getting three batteries of prick tests and one of needle tests.  I am not allergic to cats, dogs, walnuts, pecans, horses nor pineapples, nor am I allergic to trees.  I am however mildly allergic to house dust and outdoor moulds like snow mould and tree moulds.  I told my buddy I was glad I wasn’t allergic to trees because I have intentions of collecting poplar fluff and trying to spin it.

Oh, and the thing that caused the reactions?  Bloodworms.  I feed frozen bloodworms to my aquatic frog in my office, and it seems I should be doing that wearing gloves because it makes me react with itchy eyes, snotty nose and sometimes tight throat.


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