So I purchased the complete series (a.k.a. first and only season) of Moonlight and watched it while I worked on my Aeolian Shoulderette (ravelry link). I understand why this show only survived one season; the lead is not the best actor (which I often argue may be the director’s fault, but there were some pretty bad over-acting reactions), although he’s really not hard to look at…but I wonder if anyone else thought it was interesting that the dude was a Private Investigator, and years and years ago there was a P.I. show called Moonlighting (with Bruce Willis, Cybill Shepherd and no vampires…that I remember).  Am I sad that I bought Moonlight rather than rented it?  No, because I like the fromage and will watch it again.  Often.

I also watched Big Trouble in Little China, The Dark Crystal, Saved, The Lucky Ones, and the last two discs of the first season of Veronica Mars while I worked on my wee shawl as I was so sick this weekend, I was going nowhere.  I had the nastiest sore throat; it even hurt to touch my neck where you could see the glands had swelled.

I have been wondering if I would have gotten as much done on the shoulderette if I had been healthier; I wouldn’t have been home as much, but I may have had my brain more involved and made fewer mistakes.  Ah well, it’s still going to look great when it’s blocked.  Here it is so far:


I’m using my Dandelion Knits Handpaint Alpaca Merino Lace (Ravelry Link), glass with silver-holed “Blue Moon Beads” and the recommended 3.75 mm needles.


2 thoughts on “Moonlight

  1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear you were sick. But love the colours of this shoulderette you’re making, which looks like it will be just GORGEOUS! You + Limenviolet make me want to be able to properly knit somethin’ fierce!

    How was watching the Dark Crystal? It was one of my faves when I was little and I’ve been wanting to watch it again, but have been afraid it would be ruined for me now. Has it held up over the years?

    I’m sad I didn’t get to school the other day in time to chat, but was glad to have at least run into you guys!

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