Blog Ennui?

I certainly haven’t been posting as much this year as I used to.  Let’s blame this long snowy winter. Or something.

There has been little finishing these days.  The socks I started for myself using the Claudia Handpaints are on hold because the gauge is too tight to fit over my tall, narrow heels; I may have to go up two needle sizes or change the size I’m doing.  Dad’s socks are coming along, I’m at the heels but I may need to get another ball because I’m over half-way done the balls and about half-way done the socks.

I had spun and knit a Baby Surprise Jacket for a friend’s impending baby, but when the baby was born a “Diva!” I knew it wasn’t a good match.  So the EZ is going to another friend’s baby who was born a little red-headed boy (her third!), and I’m in the process of knitting a Diva-worthy Helena.  Pics will be posted after gifting.

Lil Rose Thorn’s cousin got her some Japanese crochet books in 2006, and I made a scarf for Lil Rose Thorn out of Sirdar’s Snuggly Baby Bamboo (80% bamboo, 20% wool) last January.  I stopped working on it due to my penchant for starting but not finishing items, but LRT was teasing me about it recently and I didn’t think it was long enough but when I brought it to show her she said it is long enough, so behold, a year old FO:


And I decided I needed a blanket that I crocheted for myself.  I have a few from my grandmothers but I wanted to make one on my own.  I think you can blame Jared, who I’ve been blog-stalking for quite some time and who has been knitting amazing blankets.  I know I could never finish a knitted blanket due to my startitus, so for fundamentally instant gratification I chose crochet.  If you’re on Ravelry you can see the notes here.  Otherwise it’s a pattern called Granny Ripple Afghan.  See the start of it below.


I’m stalled on my Master Spinner Level 3 homework…I haven’t found the motivation to work on it, and time is running out; July is almost here.  Maybe it’s burn-out, maybe it’s because of the shoulders, I don’t know.  I got some weaving books with some Christmas gift certificates and I had hoped that telling myself I wasn’t allowed to weave until I got my homework done would help but it hasn’t; instead I’m pining for the loom.  I’m hopeful that my plans to take my wheel to work and stay late at the office to get it done will help; when I get home my brain is fried and I just want to play on the computer or the Xbox…

There are quite a few things to show you of what I’ve been doing at work, but right now they’re skirts and I want to build blouses to go with them before I share photos.

So, that’s my crafting life in a nutshell; a lot of projects partway done.


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