When I was in grade 9 my art teacher posted signs with a imposing looking character and the slogan “Fluevog is Coming” all over the school.  There was a lot of speculation about what that meant, but only two people knew; our art teacher (who left before I got into grade 10, thus making my getting high school art classes difficult but not impossible) and his student assistant.  This went on for months, and when it was finally revealed that Fluevog was a brand of shoes, I wanted them.  But I could never justify them.

Until today, when I walked into our local fancy/arty shoe shop Gravity Pope and saw a pair I had been eyeing on the website last year some time.  They’re from the Teapot family, and they’re called “Chamomile”.  I picked up the handsome shoes and discovered they were on sale…they were regularly $239, and today they were $99.99 (plus tax).

I tried them on.

And I now own my first pair of Fleuvogs!  Happy early birthday to me, Fluevog has come!


And for a little bit of entertainment, check out the Chrismatrix window display I saw at a local music instrument shop.  It took me awhile to figure it out, but when I did I knew I had to get a photo.



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