Sock Knitting is Where it’s At

I’m being more proactive in fixing my shoulders; I can’t afford to go to the chiropractor and the massage therapist as often as I would like but I know I’ve got to do something, so I dug out some dumbells I got for Christmas last year and I’m working on my shoulder strength, and I’ve requested some yoga DVDs from the library.  Hopefully these things will help.  I also requested some belly dancing DVDs for the fun of it, but I digress.

I’ve started some more socks (even though I’ve got a few pairs that are still on the go, I’m a starter, not a finisher).


The above is sock number one of the Herringbone Rib Socks.  I oddly don’t have 2.5 mm in circular form…anyway, I’m very much in love with Claudia Hand Paints, the yarn is deliciously squishy and not very splitty.  It’s the Oops! colourway I got in Montreal.


And these are socks for my Dad.  They’re in Sisu yarn which always puts me in mind of The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.  I gave him the balls for Christmas because my back wouldn’t let me get to them, and he laughed pretty hard when I told him they were socks.  I think they’re going to be a quick knit.  I ribbed for an inch on 2.5 mm needles and then switched to 3.0mm needles.


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